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Reports of the Death of Email Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Five years ago, I was invited to be part of a technology panel, and I amused the crowd by reporting to them how some fifteen years earlier I had predicted the demise of the Internet. And on this later panel – the one that took place five years ago – I boldly predicted, with a head-bobbing “you heard it here first” attitude, that within five years, we would have fewer emails.

How Active are Canadians on Social Media?

How active are Canadians on Social Media? To get an idea, I did a bit of online research, focusing on three platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Some rudimentary figures turned out to be quite interesting: Canada has a population of approximately 35 million people. Of those, 11 million (31%) are on LinkedIn, 19 million (54%) are on Facebook, and 6 million (17%) are on Twitter. I have gotten these numbers from a variety of reliable sources, including the Globe and Mail, Financial Times, and the social media site providers themselves. Interesting that over half of all Canadians – including babies and nonagenarians – are on Facebook.

The Passport

So I just went to pick up my passport, and before they gave it to me I had to procure a picture ID.

Clippy Trivago Video

Remember Clippy? That animated paper clip thing that zipped around trying to offer help with Microsoft Office?


So Microsoft introduced this “awesome new feature that helps filter your low-priority email”. It is called Clutter, and works like this: A new folder has been added to Outlook, called Clutter, and if Outlook deems certain messages are low-priority, it moves them there. According to Microsoft, this feature “learns” so for example if you move an email back from Clutter to your inbox, it will notice this.

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